Mazda Zoom-Zoom Live!

Two people have invited me to go to Mazda Zoom-Zoom Live.  So, it looks like I’m going. 🙂

I went last year and had quite a bit of fun.  Except for the long lines, it was fun to drive the cars.  Now that I know stick-shift, and have a bit of autocrossing experience, it should be a good time this year.

If you haven’t been to one of these, you should go.

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3 Responses to Mazda Zoom-Zoom Live!

  1. Lloyd D Budd says:

    I just am not feeling it. Sorry to be a bummer, but the whole Mazda “Zoom-Zoom” marketing campaigns have always felt insulting to me. Cars for not for zoom zooming. Too many people are severely injured or die because they or others are zoom zooming.

  2. Woosta says:

    Ah, but this is Zoom Zooming on a closed, probably fairly tame course, going less than 40 miles an hour around cones on flat tarmac.

    Yes, bad things can happen. Yes, a friend of mine rolled his car while autocrossing, due to his own error.

    I’d agree that speed is definitely a factor in auto and pedestrian injuries, but that doesn’t stop this event from being a fun, safe time.

    I see where you’re coming from though.

  3. foolswisdom says:

    That does sound like an excellent event… I just wish Mazda did not generally market their car for zooming. I am most bitter because we have not yet automated cars.

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