How popular a surname is "Smtih”?

The PBS site The Sweetest Sound ranks Smtih 26,286 out of roughly 50,000 surnames in the US.

I find that hard to believe.  If you don’t know anyone with a last name of Smtih, and I don’t know anyone with the last name of Smtih, they clearly do not exist.

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2 Responses to How popular a surname is "Smtih”?

  1. emphatic says:

    smith is low on the ranks, but Smith is #1. this tells us that it’s case sensitive and that it’s bad data.
    My last name is #3529 in the ranks.. any guesses?

  2. Chris Vance says:

    Johnson? Jones? You sound like a Jones to me.
    The list is not case sensitive, BTW. Smtih, with the T before the I, ranks despite being probable bad data.
    I googled for “Smtih” to see instances of the name on the net. With a lot of luck, that lead me to discover that your last name is “Doll.” Google knows everything.

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