Stranger Than Fiction

While home for Thanksgiving with my parents, we went to see the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” I really enjoyed it. Will Ferrell in particular gives a great performance in a serious role. Character development is good and the story is strong. The computer graphics used are subtle and well-executed.

However, you may need to refinance your morgage, take out a loan, or cash in some stock in order to afford movie tickets. They were $10 each for a 4:45 pm showing in Connecticut.

While driving to my parents/stuck in traffic, I had the chance to listen to NPR’s On Point radio program. Thursday’s show included narration by several authors taking part in The New Yorker Festival. They read from their books and short stories. The narration I heard later during Stranger Than Fiction resonated with me, given the strong readings from the NPR show.

Circling back to the movie theme introduced just three paragraphs up, I’m looking forward to seeing Deja Vu and The Pursuit of Happyness. What good movies have you seen recently?


One Response to Stranger Than Fiction

  1. foolswisdom says:

    There does seem to be quite a few good looking movies in theaters. Julia and I are tempted by the ads for The Pursuit of Happyness. I look forward to seeing Deja Vu on video.

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