doesn’t accept their own tracking numbers

WindowBook’s doesn’t accept their own tracking numbers.

My pre-ordered signed copy of An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder was shipped by ViewAskew with a 22-digit tracking number. The tracking page basically fills in the form seen on the main page, but the form textboxes have a 20 character maximum entry. This causes the 22-digit tracking number to lose the last two digits, and WindowBooks can’t find this new super-secret special tracking number. I had to use Firefox’s Web Developer extension in order to remove the maximum length restriction, enter the full tracking number, and submit the form.

The good news is that their backend can accept the 22-digit number. The bad news is that their front-end can not.

Edit 3/15/07: It appears that the PostalTracking site can now accept the full 22-digit tracking number. However, the site now includes an MLM pitch (“Making Money With MLM”) and GoogleSyndication ads.

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One Response to doesn’t accept their own tracking numbers

  1. foolswisdom says:

    Ha, that is awesome that you hacked their system, it is lame that you had to.

    The first Evening with Kevin Smith was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. He is such a talented person!

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