Google getting into the mobile/set-top TV market?

Disclosure: Qualcomm and Google are both clients of my former employer,

The official GoogleBlog includes a recent post titled Kirkland calling points to Washington – Seattle/Kirkland jobs, which eventually leads to the opening Software Engineer, Television Technology – Seattle/Kirkland. I’m not the first one to notice this, either.

The bulleted requirements list for this opening is interesting. A random search for requirements text yields a very similar posting for Qualcomm, as well as the same Google position at other offices. The high-volume consumer devices line from the Google job posting is also shared with the Qualcomm posting. Other than a copy/paste job on someone’s part, are they working together on something?

Qualcomm has a strong focus on the wireless market, including wireless video. Google owns Google Video/YouTube, and I recall a recently inked a Verizon Wireless deal for YouTube videos on their phones. VZW is also announcing a deal with Qualcomm’s MediaFLO unit. New today is the Samsung/Google mobile partnership to place Google’s apps on Samsung cell phones.

Emerging TV standard, application integration with telecom partners, TV set-top box operating systems. Could Google be aiming for the Tivo/MythTV market?

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