Number 1 Way LinkedIn Can Get You Fired

LinkedIn allows you to share contact settings. Along with expertise requests and requests to reconnect, is the “Career Opportunities” category. This can be a somewhat damning category for the currently employed. What could it mean to your current employer if they visit your profile page and discover it checked?  It can’t be a good thing.

How can you limit your risk of losing your current job if you want to change your LinkedIn Contact Settings?

  1. Only connect with your peers, or folks you trust, rather than colleagues in the management level.
  2. Don’t share your contact settings in your public profile.
  3. Don’t change your contact settings when you are still employed but looking at opportunities.  This is the best option for those with experience. With your network’s contact information, and your wealth of relevant experience, you shouldn’t need additional help finding new positions while you are still employed.

The last option, to not utilize the “Career Opportunities” contact setting in LinkedIn, would seem to be the best option for currently-employed workers looking for new positions.

I am not looking for new opportunities right now.  I swear. 🙂

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