"Undo Close Tab” Firefox/Flock Shortcut

May 30, 2007

Have you used Firefox 2.x or Flock 0.9? Have you noticed the Undo Close Tab functionality? Have you always felt like you were wasting time right-clicking on a tab and selecting the Undo Close Tab option? Have you wondered if there was a better way? Should I write a declarative statement?

No more questions. Only answers:

  • Ctrl+T opens new tabs
  • Ctrl+Shift+T reopens closed tabs

This is by far my favorite keyboard shortcut recently. My Internet browsing is very tab-oriented, so discovering this shortcut really made my day.

What are your favorite shortcut?

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Diagnosing blog publishing problems – Flock Community

May 12, 2007

1. Go to about:config
2. Set flock.logging.on true
3. log/blog.log will be created inside profile directory.

Diagnosing blog publishing problems – Flock Community

Did this logging capability go away in recent builds?  I don’t see flock.logging.on in about:config for a recent hourly build (build_id: 1178956032.11530).

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On The Road With Cindy & Jeff | Are You Ready For Your Close Up?

May 2, 2007

Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and Lawrence Fishburn are here [in Boston] working on a film called “21”.

On The Road With Cindy & Jeff | Are You Ready For Your Close Up?

Aha, that’s the movie I saw being filmed on the Mass Ave bridge.  I was sailboat racing (my first time racing!) that morning at Community Boating, and we were notified that we could not sail close to the bridge.  There was the occasional helicopter flyby, and some police boats in the water.

At a certain point in the afternoon, MIT, whose boathouse is situated much closer to the bridge, also had boats out racing.  The film crew either finished shooting, or MIT’s racing took place far enough away from the bridge.

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