Diagnosing blog publishing problems – Flock Community

1. Go to about:config
2. Set flock.logging.on true
3. log/blog.log will be created inside profile directory.

Diagnosing blog publishing problems – Flock Community

Did this logging capability go away in recent builds?  I don’t see flock.logging.on in about:config for a recent hourly build (build_id: 1178956032.11530).

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3 Responses to Diagnosing blog publishing problems – Flock Community

  1. Jon says:


    I don’t seem to find that either. I did find some other logging values in about:config. Just search for log in about:config. I am going to ask Erwan about this to see what is up. Thanks for noticing and sorry for the late response.

  2. Chris Vance says:

    You’re right Jon, there is some logging available. Flock.service.logger.enabled is true, meaning that some service information is being logged in the default install. Given that blogging works via blogging services now, this service log will contain blogging data. Changing the logger level from the default 3 to 2 or 1 provides more detailed information.

    Someone with a bit more knowledge on the logging levels and some experience diagnosing problems should probably update the “Diagnosing blog publishing problems” wiki entry.

  3. Jon says:


    Yes, this information should be updated. I’ll make a note to get that done. Thanks for your continued feedback.

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