Have UR card available

August 22, 2007

I did some Friday beercan informal racing earlier in the month.  While finishing downwind on a heavy wind day, a puff of wind hit us.  In the leeward bow position, I wasn’t able to react quick enough to join my skipper on the windward side of the boat to balance the puff of wind.  In a span of five seconds, we death-rolled and capsized.  While capsizing, I (unsuccessfully) tried to keep dry by getting on top of the boat.  After the capsize, and freeing myself from the sheets (it’s scary when the boat is rotating hull up and you have a sheet (rope) around your leg), my finger was hurting.

Three hours in the ER later, and I learned that I had fractured the tip of my middle finger.  Fun.

Fast forward two weeks to the follow-up appointment.

While filling in medical information at the orthopedic hand surgeon’s office, I noticed a note on one of the forms, which read (paraphrased):

Have UR insurance card available for photocopying.

How awesome is that?  No picture, unfortunately, but I’ll try to get one when I return to their office.

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Fun With Words

August 7, 2007

The star of the TRANSFORMERS® movie is unleashed in its full, awesome glory with this meticulously rendered, movie-accurate sculpture inspired by 3-D turnarounds pulled straight from the film. Unremarkable detail makes this one must-have sculpture for your collection. (My emphasis)

Amazon.com: Transformers Movie Unleashed BumbleBee: Toys & Games

I don’t think that means what you think it means.

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