Sussex Undercover cars, Talklets online text reader

In a bid to curb the increase in drivers who drive at excessive speeds and in a way which causes alarm and distress to other road users, Sussex Police have drafted in a number of different unmarked, high-performance vehicles that are able to deter a hardcore of motorists who insist on putting people’s lives at risks.

Sussex Police Uncovered – Roller Campaign – We never went away (via Jim’s Garage)

Two things are cool about this article:

  1. Police are getting more sophisticated with undercover patrol cars.  I’ve seen a little of this on US highways, but not to the extent of this Sussex effort.
  2. The story can be read to you in a delightful British accent, courtesy of the Talklets player on the page.  This seems like a great accessibility feature, and worked well on the article when I used it.

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