E Ink Capacity Reader on Lexar’s USB Drive

E Ink Corporation | Products | Display Cells

“The E Ink display is less than 0.7mm, all-plastic, shatter proof bar meter that does not rely on power or require a battery to show the capacity information when disconnected from the computer. This makes it possible for Lexar to add the benefit of an exterior gauge, without sacrificing the light, durable and portable design of its products.”

E Ink, the company producing the display for Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, produces the capacity meter on Lexar’s new JumpDrive Mercury line. I have one of these USB drives at work but haven’t used it extensively. The one thing that annoys me with the USB drive is the cover — because of how thin the drive is, I tend to twist the drive when I open it, and feel like I might break the cap.  That said, it’s still a nifty thumb drive.

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