Flock Profiles and Productivity

May 15, 2008

I need a browser that enhances my productivity, not one that tempts me to stay up to date with every last Tweet

Productivity @ Home: Is Flock a Productivity Killer?

If you want to use Flock for work, but without constant notifications of new Facebook updates/Twitter tweets/etc, you could set up a second Flock user profile. In your second profile you wouldn’t login to Facebook/Twitter, and so you could continue using Flock without some of the distractions. If you have business-related RSS feeds that you follow, you could track them in your “business” Flock user profile without seeing updates for less serious feeds that you follow.

Downsides to Multiple Profiles
You can only have the browser open/working with one profile at a time. If you have a bunch of tabs open for business activities, and feel the need to veg out a bit by checking on tweets, you could not switch to the other profile without closing the browser first. To work around this, you could bookmark your tabs, switch to your “personal” profile, and open the tabs again when you resume.

By following RSS feeds in two versions of Flock, you probably won’t want to track the same feed in both profiles, because when you mark articles as read in one profile, it will still appear as unread/new in the other profile. Using an online RSS reader (Google reader, for instance) would solve this problem in that you can access it and read feeds from both profiles.

More Information

I personally use both Flock and Firefox at home (and IE for checking work email), and Firefox at work.

As someone who has been known for getting distracted at times (I do realize I’m posting this at 1am EST), how do you manage your work/life separation?

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