doesn’t accept their own tracking numbers

December 1, 2006

WindowBook’s doesn’t accept their own tracking numbers.

My pre-ordered signed copy of An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder was shipped by ViewAskew with a 22-digit tracking number. The tracking page basically fills in the form seen on the main page, but the form textboxes have a 20 character maximum entry. This causes the 22-digit tracking number to lose the last two digits, and WindowBooks can’t find this new super-secret special tracking number. I had to use Firefox’s Web Developer extension in order to remove the maximum length restriction, enter the full tracking number, and submit the form.

The good news is that their backend can accept the 22-digit number. The bad news is that their front-end can not.

Edit 3/15/07: It appears that the PostalTracking site can now accept the full 22-digit tracking number. However, the site now includes an MLM pitch (“Making Money With MLM”) and GoogleSyndication ads.

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Firefox 2 Features: Undo Close Tab

August 2, 2006

I thought I would highlight a few Firefox 2.0 features which impressed me.

Also added is the ability to undo closing a tab or window.  This is awesome, and probably my favorite user-visible new feature.  With the Firefox 2’s introduction of the close button on every tab, users are more likely to close the tab by mistake – I know I have.  I’m fairly sure that there was an extension for undo-tab-close functionality for previous versions of the browser, but having it built in is great.

I just found the “browser.tabs.disableBackgroundClose” configuration toggle (in about:config).  When this is set to True, it causes mouse clicks on the close icon on background tabs to activate the tab rather than close it.

What are your favorite features?

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Firefox 2 Features: Addon Updates, Session Restore

July 23, 2006

I thought I would highlight a few Firefox 2.0 features which impressed me.

FF 2 extensions are now referred to as addons. The workflow when addons are updated is very well done. The browser is restarted so that the addon can be loaded, and the tabs which were loaded when you went to restart Firefox are reloaded, complete with browser history. This is accomplished through the Session Restore feature that was added to Firefox 2.

Session Restore also includes undo-close-tab functionality, which I’ll highlight in my next entry.

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